Indian Futures works alongside a number of artists who help our fundraising efforts. These artists aren't only incredibly talented but also have an interest in the work we do. We help each other the following way: the artists donate or share their work with us and we sell it or raise their profile within our supporters and donors.

Below are the artists who are our source of inspiration and fundraising. We invite you to have a browse and, if you want to find out more about them or buy some of their artwork, don't be shy and let us know at indianfuturesfundraising@gmail.com. Tell us also if you're an artist yourself and would like to get involved!

remi weremczuk

Come Through.jpg


Mark, the Artist behind Firm Gently creates stunning artwork that draws ones attention to natural beauty. 

Below is a snippet of how Firm Gently describes his art, and process along with some examples of his work. 



Remi's pics were taken in rural and urban North India in 2017. 

They are 8" x 8" and come with a white 10" x 10" mount. 



Sue did a degree and MA in Fine Art at Canterbury. These painting are my abstract interpretation of the landscape. 



With an intense passion for unusual geometry Simon Lea Wright presents a colorful world of surreal architectural form and dreamlike expression. 

Marina Tomas

Singer song writer who takes a risk composing and interpreting the melodies that accompany her lyrics.
She also takes part in other projects where she uses a looper to register a diversity of sonorities. 
'"It's about always exploring new pathways.'
Follow the links below to listen to Marina's original tunes and heavenly voice...


Storisse.com is a blog which presents a different avenue to charitable giving. Weekly personal stories are linked to inspirational charities in London and Brighton.


The blog is written by Alex Cuncev, who is also a charity manager with a PhD in storytelling. Alex created the website based on her conviction that telling stories is an essential part of our life, which helps heal, motivate and inspire us.


‘We want to know who we are giving to and why. We also want to know that what we give is going to make a real impact. I believe in the power of stories – they can convince us of facts, when other things cannot.’


‘Over the course of time I gathered a backlog of stories that I really wanted to share. Some are sad stories, some border on unbelievable, but all are soul healing and heart-rending. There is so much goodness around us, so much positivity even in the hardest of situations - I hope my blog contributes to showing that.’

In 2018, StoriSSe published a story on Indian Futures.
To read this story and, for an endless source of magical moments
brought to you by StoriSSe, click here.
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Movies with Meaning(MWM)

At Movies with Meaning (MWM), we believe in helping our Community and changing the world for the better.

MWM is a Social Enterprise; We have created specialised pricing plans in which we donate a percentage of our profits to charity and good causes on a regular basis.

We want to share our knowledge and expertise – We like helping small businesses grow so we include knowledge sharing and marketing tips in our pricing plans to help maximise video reach as much as possible.
We created MWM so that we could create personalised videos at reasonable prices whilst doing good in the world. Thank you for your support.


Thank you
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Movies With Meaning

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Marina Tomás