We believe that all human beings have a right to quality education

What's happening?
Anupa's Birthday Wish for Indian Futures


Anupa's dream is to make the dream of 6 girls in rural Tamil Nadu come true by fundraising for their university and transport fees for one year.

For her 50th birthday, on 4th Dec,

she decided to help 6 girls's school fee by asking birthday donation!

She is very excited to support  Kaviya, Nandhini, Narmatha, Nivetha, Aarthi and Dhanalakshmi 's dreams, and inspire them to make their dreams come true. 

Here is a link for more story.


Alanna's grief & loss talks

Alanna offers a safe space to talk about grief & loss.

Greiving is difficult and overwhelming, you can have one-on-one and group session to process how you are feeling.

She opens her door every Monday evenings which is all donation based support.

If you are interested in, please do not hesitate get in touch with us.

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What's happening in December?

Commemoration of 37th anniversary of
Union Carbide’s gas disaster in Bhopal

We invite you to join the Bhopal Medical Appeal on Thursday, December 2nd, at the Friends Meeting House in Brighton, for an evening of stories and film to mark the 37th anniversary

of Union Carbide’s gas disaster in Bhopal, India.

The evening will shine a light on the experiences of the survivors of Bhopal,

their struggles, resilience and triumphs in the face of lingering injustice and a disaster seemingly without end.

Book your ticket here

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About Indian Futures

We organise fundraising events in Brighton (UK) and Barcelona (Spain) to promote our values and raise awareness of the communities we're working with.

We're currently raising funds to improve the facilities of our educational centres and increase girls' access to further education.


We work in partnership with two charities in rural  Tamil Nadu, South India. 

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We need regular donors to ensure we have enough funds to keep the projects running.

For you to have an idea of what your money can buy in Tamil Nadu, here's a breakdown of costs...

£5 a month pays for the internet bill of one of the after-school support centres

£10 a month pays for the salary of one of our evening IT teachers

£25 a month pays for the induction and training of each of our teachers

...and receive a

big thank you from all the girls and boys in Vedanthangal, Vandavasi and Kanjanur...