We believe that all human beings have a right to quality education

The covid crisis and our communities

As you know, the covid crisis in India is spreading to the rural areas.

We're extremely worried about the welfare of our communities and how the collapse of the health care system will impact on them. 


It is for this reason that, in conjunction with our partners,

the Laia Foundation and Vallalar Educational Trust, we're starting an appeal to collect funds to help the rural primary health care centres and families who are currently self-isolating and have none to very little access to basic needs.

All of the funds received by Indian Futures from the 1st of May will go towards this appeal.


If you'd like to donate to our campaign, all you have to do is click on the donate button at the top. If you prefer, you can also donate through PayPal at


The message is very simple: if we don't help our communities nobody else will.


Thank you once more for your much needed help. 

What's going on? ART APART

In 2018, Indian Futures organised their first art exhibition, called Art for Change, an event to raise funds towards education and women’s empowerment in rural South India. Through Art for Change we’ve discovered that art works as a tool to connect with the community and support each other.

This year, Art for Change is expanding and adapting to the times, and so as part of its natural evolution, it’s become Art Apart, a burst of creativity that follows the journey of several artists in lockdown, expressing themselves, in fullness and in all their different forms.

final poster

From 19th March, Indian Futures will be publishing and selling artwork through our social media. We want to get to the roots of what inspires artists such as stories, anecdotes, and anything else you want to share with us and the public. This exciting project will culminate in a final exhibition, hopefully on 26th June!

We want Art Apart to be the connection between our projects in Brighton and the wider community in South India.

To see the exhibition and/or buy any of the artwork, please click here.

To participate as an artist, email us at

About Indian Futures

We organise fundraising events in Brighton (UK) and Barcelona (Spain) to promote our values and raise awareness of the communities we're working with.

We're currently raising funds to improve the facilities of our educational centres and increase girls' access to further education.


We work in partnership with two charities in rural  Tamil Nadu, South India. 

Fave 2.jpg

We need regular donors to ensure we have enough funds to keep the projects running.

For you to have an idea of what your money can buy in Tamil Nadu, here's a breakdown of costs...

£5 a month pays for the internet bill of one of the after-school support centres

£10 a month pays for the salary of one of our evening IT teachers

£25 a month pays for the induction and training of each of our teachers

...and receive a

big thank you from all the girls and boys in Vedanthangal, Vandavasi and Kanjanur...