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Indian Futures works in partnership with Laia Foundation and Vallalar Educational Trust, two Indian charities operating in Vedanthangal, Vandavasi and Kanjanur, three rural areas in the Tamil Nadu state (South India) with a population of approximately 20,000 inhabitants.

The economy is mainly based on subsistence agriculture, such as rice, dhal and peanuts, and cattle raising (cows, buffaloes and goats).

Due to its extreme weather (very hot and damp with very little difference between the hot and cold seasons), there isn’t a great variety of foods available which leads to high levels of malnutrition, particularly among children.

Most of the population in the three areas belong to the Dalit caste -formerly known as the Untouchables-, the most disadvantaged caste in India, with high malnutrition and low literacy levels, with children being sent to work at a very early age due to most families' lack of economic resources.

Laia Foundation runs 19 after-school support centres for students between the ages of 5 and 14 and a kindergarten. Vallalar Educational Trust (VET) runs a nursery and a primary school and an international volunteering programme.
Both charities benefit a total of 760 children and employ 50 members of staff who carry out teaching and administrative tasks.


We have responded to the local demand to increase IT access

We help female students access further education and provide the necessary support

We support communities to improve the facilities of their educational centres

We help cover the costs of school material

We've created both full-time and part-time employment in the area

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