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Futuraula is an Indian Futures - Euroaula initiative

that began in 2018/19 academic year.

It's run by a Committee of students from Euroaula, 

University of Tourism of Barcelona.

The committee organises fundraising events in the city in support of Indian Futures' educational projects.

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Futuraula 2019/20
Futuraula Comittee meets once every two weeks to decide on next events and prepare for them.
The Committee was particularly busy over Christmas, running activities pretty much on a daily basis:
Christmas Raffle
In collaboration with @euroaulatravel, the Committee sold raffle tickets for a weekend break in Budapest. 
All participants also enjoyed  a charity breakfast morning and a tea break in the evening.
Advent Calendar

For the whole month of December, Euroaula students took part in numerous games organised by the Committee, like card games, quizzes, Taboo...

Each participant would pay 1 euro and the winners were given prizes made by the students themselves. 

Aren't they a creative bunch??

Christmas tree decorations

The Committee set up and decorated a Christmas tree at the entrance of Euraoaula's building.


The socks you see on the tree were made by the granny of one of the students. There were a total of 9 socks, the number of girls whose university studies Indian Futures is sponsoring. Each sock showed the picture of one of the girls and people were asked to leave well wishing messages for them,

at 1 euro per message. 


If you'd like to see what happened to those messages, play the video below...

During corona times, Futuraula volunteers are running an online campaign to continue to collect funds for Indian Futures.

If you'd like to donate to Futuraula, click here.

To find out more about our Student Sponsorship Programme, please click here. Or if you'd like to become a sponsor let us know in an email to

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