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In 2018 we started our first project, the IT Community Centres.

So far, we have created 3 IT Centres in the villages of Sendanadu, Thandarai Pettai and Chitiraikoodam, rural Tamil Nadu.

The funding we provide covers the following:

* 1 part-time and 1 full-time IT Teacher 
* IT Teacher training
* Maintenance of 11 laptop computers
*  Computer replacement, as and when needed
* Internet connection

* Specially designed storage cupboards
* Desks and benches

 Going forward, we want to bring more IT tools and resources to the centres so we can open them to the entire community. 

2022-08-10 Thandarai Pettai BEST.jpg
Thandarai Pettai May'22 REALLY GOOD (1).jpeg

Our 3 IT centres provide IT access to an average of 100 students per year and employ 1 full-time and 1 part-time teacher. 

The cost of running the centres, including the teachers' salaries, is £2,926/year.

If you'd like to donate towards this project, click on

If you're an individual or a company in India and would like to donate laptops for our centres,
please get in touch at

Meet the Teacher

I am Prithiviraj, the IT teacher of the two IT Centres sponsored by Indian Futures in the area of Vedanthangal.

I was a student at one of Laia Foundation’s after-school centres, and after studying Mechanical Engineering, I decided to develop a career as a teacher.

This year, I have created a YouTube channel where I teach basic IT to students. This is a way for my students to practise but also for other students who cannot attend my lessons but are keen to learn.

Help my channel succeed by becoming a subscriber!

I am most proud of being part of the Indian Futures project

and thankful for this opportunity.

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