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Founder and Fundraiser

Anna Amado


I went to India for the first time in 2002, to help out at a rural project in Vedanthangal. During that year and most of 2003, I travelled the country taking part in voluntary work camps in several rural areas and Vedanthangal became my ‘base camp’, turning into my home very far away from home. I knew I’d always return and, sure enough, after saving up again, I went back in 2008. That second year in Vedanthangal had an enormous impact on my life. Knowing the culture and locals a bit better, I was able to immerse myself in an incredibly well run project that was doing so much to develop a very deprived area of Tamil Nadu. I left in 2009 to come back to Brighton and since then I’ve kept the links with the local charity and people. Indian Futures is the result of a never-ending hope and firm belief in the work that charities do in India. I am thrilled to be part of this exciting new adventure to support such a special and magical place in the world!


Adeline White

I travelled several times in India during my younger years, the experience has always stayed with me. Such a warm and giving country, I would love to be able to give something back. I am currently working for the Brighton & Hove council (UK) as a senior finance officer within a systems team.


Tom Wade


I have several years experience working with charities supporting homeless people in Brighton and Hove. While I currently work within the construction industry I am excited to use my skills and experience to raise funds and resources for Indian Futures in a creative way.

Having spent some time in Tamil Nadu, it's been wonderful to meet the communities that will benefit from Indian Futures work. To see how our fundraising efforts are being put to use and being able to identify future projects is invaluable. We're ready for the challenge!


Cate Taylor

I have a strong commitment to social justice and I have worked in social care providing services for vulnerable people for over ten years. I firmly believe in promoting social inclusion and I currently work with ex-offenders reintegrating back into the community. I believe everyone should have access to education and that this is key to promoting equality. I believe that Indian futures will play a pivotal part in this.


Roger Garcia Coll


After 10 years working as a language teacher in Spain and France, I decided to follow Anna Amado to her "base camp" in India, Vedanthangal. It was 2008 when I joined her to work on an educational project as a volunteer for 6 months. That experience helped me reflect on and come to terms with deprivation, unfairness, a sense of resignation and the importance of education as a very good way to fight them all. 10 years later, the project is up and running and I continue to support the project by collaborating and fundraising for Indian Futures from Barcelona.


Sushma Clarke


I am the founder of two businesses and a volunteer within two charitable organisations. 

One of my businesses is an accountancy firm called Your Accounts Team, based in Brighton and the other is a Luxury handbag company called Anupa which is based in Vietnam and UK.

As a volunteer financier at Waterford Walls I advise the team on all matters financial. I don’t only advise on the festival itself, but also on their long programme of activities including workshops, commissions and other projects.  Waterford Walls get artists from across the world to paint/spray community and business sponsored murals throughout Waterford (Ireland) helping to work with communities and schools.
I am also trustee at Indian futures, raising money for underprivileged communities in 

South India. Our aim is to help the community become self-sufficient by enhancing educational facilities, building community centres and undertaking various outreach programmes with villagers. We have established a town twinning initiative with a school in Barcelona and soon hope to do the same with a school in Brighton. This collaboration brings children of vastly different backgrounds together via email and skype, breaking cultural barriers and increasing world understanding.

Trustee/ Fundraiser

Gilly Woodley and Malachy


For many years I have worked in different organisations supporting vulnerable people of all ages. I am a qualified Social Worker and currently work for Safe in Sussex, a domestic abuse charity.

I enjoy volunteering with Indian Futures and love organising events and coming up with creative fundraising ideas - with help from my 10 year old son Malachy!

Malachy "the events are really fun but when I have to go along to meetings they're a bit boring".

Regardless of his comment on our meetings, Malachy is our most enthusiastic fundraiser and committed mascot, always confident when taking donations and promoting Indian Futures.


Hannah Song


I currently work in supported housings for homeless people in Brighton.  I have experience in working with youth in the local NGO in Tanzania and helping numerous international projects in Bangladesh. Those living experience in the marginalised society sparked my interest in the need for better development to ‘leave no one behind’. My passion and concern led me to study MA Poverty and Development course, seeking the causes of poverty and finding sustainable solutions. I have a willingness to work hard with India future to combat poverty and build an inclusive society with underprivileged people. 


Kane Huxley

kane IF.jpg

Hi, my name is Kane. I am in my final year of university at Sussex, studying Geography and International Development. My passions are food, travel and trying to undo the wrongs of Colonialism. I understand my privileges which is why I hope to use them for good - Indian Futures is a great way for me to volunteer to help be a part of changing some peoples lives, through empowerment and education but with themselves in the driving seat.i, 

If you would like to get in touch with any of the team then please email us; (we speak English, Spanish and Catalan)

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