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Anna Amado

Founder and Project Coordinator, UK


Indian Futures is the result of a never-ending hope and firm belief in the power of quality education and the work that charities do in India.
I am thrilled to have opened the path to this exciting adventure to support such a special and magical place in the world, to which I will always be connected.

Roger Garcia

Project Coordinator, Spain

In 2008 I joined Anna in Vedanthangal to work on the educational project as a volunteer for 6 months. This experience helped me reflect on and come to terms with deprivation, unfairness, a sense of resignation and the importance of education as a very good way to fight them all.


Sushma Clark

Trustee (Accountant)


Indian Futures helps rural communities in South India become self-sufficient by enhancing educational facilities, building community centres and undertaking various outreach programmes with villagers. 
I particularly enjoy seeing how our female uni students are developing and becoming more confident over time.

Hannah Song


Those who suffer marginalisation have always sparked my interest in the need for better development to ‘leave no one behind’. My experience working with the marginalised population led me to seek the causes of poverty and find sustainable solutions. 


Gilly Woodley

Trustee (Chairperson)


For many years I have worked in different organisations supporting vulnerable people of all ages. I enjoy being a trustee for Indian Futures and love organising events and coming up with creative fundraising ideas - with help from my 13 year old son Malachy!

Kane Huxley


I studied Geography and International Development at Sussex University. I understand my privileges which is why I hope to use them for good - Indian Futures is a great way for me to volunteer to help be a part of changing some peoples lives, through empowerment and education but with themselves in the driving seat.

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Alanna McIntyre

Trustee (Artist&Events' Organiser)

Alanna square.jfif

I am retired but actively involved in my local community. I enjoy fundraising for Indian Futures as I believe in its values and aims and want more people know about our work. 

Namrita Buxani


I have always held it to be true that “education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). So I feel all the more privileged to contribute to and be part of that vision through the valuable work of Indian Futures.

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