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How can you make a difference?

Since 2019, Indian Futures has been helping bridge the gender gap by sponsoring young women's university studies.

We are always looking for new sponsors.
The reason is simple; the more sponsors we have,

the more women will be able to access further education, 
and the smaller the gender gap.

At Indian Futures, we think BIG.
We believe that by planting the learning seed, this seed will grow to give fruit from which other seeds will come,
bearing many more, infinite seeds.

Each of these seeds is a woman and the infinite seeds, 
the impact they have on their siblings, their children, grandchildren and the entire community.


Indian Futures' Student Sponsorship Programme subsidises the university fees, transport and educational material of 14 female students a year.

It also provides them with access to a Mentoring Scheme.

These students belong to the Dalit caste, one of the most deprived and discriminated against castes in India.

Without the sponsorship, they simply would be unable to pay for and have access to further education.

Mònica Garcia, one of our sponsors, says:


'I believe that education is what makes societies evolve, and I think women are the pillars that can accelerate changes.

This is why being a sponsor makes me feel that I'm contributing my little grain of sand to build a better world.'


Flexible Sponsorship


The Sponsorship is as flexible as you want it to be. We provide different price ranges to suit everyone's budget. Below is a breakdown of costs and what you can cover, depending on how much you wish to spend on a monthly basis, but you can also choose your own amount and we'll put it towards what is most needed.

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What are the benefits of your sponsorship?

  • Indian Futures will facilitate contact with your sponsored student throughout the year. If you'd like to communicate with the student outside of this arrangement, please contact our team at

  • Most importantly, your sponsorship will have a lasting impact. By enabling girls to realise their full potential you're helping reverse gender inequality.

  • Plus, for every student that you sponsor we will plant a mahogany tree on a designated plot of land in Vedanthangal (Tamil Nadu), renewing a species now at risk of extinction thus helping the ecology of the soil.



Your sponsorship will not only help transform a life today

but beyond your lifetime.

If you'd like to find out more about the Student Sponsorship Programme, click here.

If you'd like to talk to someone about how you or your group of friends or family can support our projects, email us here.

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