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These are Thill and Rose. They live in Vedanthangal.


In January 2020, in order to increase the family’s income and help Indian Futures, they came up with the idea of making these little bags, called surkupeis, that we would then sell in Spain and the UK.


In 2023, apart from Thill and Rose, Indian Futures

employed two more tailors.

They continue to make surkupeis, and also make tote bags and aprons that we've been selling ever since at all our events.

The Tailoring Project is self-sustainable. For every item we sell:

1/3 pays the tailors' salaries

1/3 pays for sewing material and postage

1/3 goes to other Indian Futures' projects.


Below, you'll see a few different models of surkupeis, tote bags and aprons. 

2023-09-10 18.25.32.jpg




Would you like to place an order?

We're in the process of setting up an online shop so you can have the best shopping experience ever.

In the meantime, if you'd like to order anything, send us an email to, letting us know what you'd like to buy and the colour you fancy and we'll send your order and payment instructions.

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