Brighton and Hove 2020

Every year we take advantage of the festival spirit in Brighton and Hove!

We're fortunate to be based in a city that likes to get together at the weekends in the sunshine so, we're gearing up to have a stall at St Ann's, Kemptown Carnival  and Brunswick Festival 

Each festival is family friendly and special in its own unique way. We'll be playing games with the children, milking the cow and, of course selling beautiful clothes and accessories from India!

In previous years we have enjoyed hosting music events, pub quizzes and art exhibitions. This year we have some new events in the pipeline, to be added to our mailing list click here. 
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We would love to hear from you if you have ideas for future fundraising events or if you'd like to join our team of volunteers. Don't be shy... get in touch!

Here we have a selection of the beautiful artwork by the very talented artists that support Indian Futures. If you'd like to make a purchase please drop us an email.

Firm Gently prints

The above are high quality prints of the artwork by FirmGently.
If you'd like to find out more about the artist, click here or here.

Remi's photos

Remi's pics were taken in rural and urban North India in 2017.

They are 8" x 8" and come with a white 10" x 10" mount.

'My work is not planned.

It’s spontaneous and mood dependant.

I take photos whenever I feel the need for it.

My inspiration comes from human behaviour. I like to picture people when they’re not aware of the camera. That’s when photography becomes truly real.'

-Remi Weremczuk

Follow on Instagram: @doomed_user


Lesley Cochrane

Lesley is a well-established Brightonian artist and picture framer. Her work seems to have found the fine harmonious balance between this world and where magic lies...

To see more of Lesley's work, follow this link.