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Sponsor a woman today

and help more women

like Sumithra thrive


What is Indian Futures' Sponsorship Programme?

The Programme subsidises the university fees, transport

and educational material of 14 female students a year.

It also provides them with access to a Mentoring Scheme.

These students belong to the Dalit caste, one of the most deprived

and discriminated against castes in India.

Without the sponsorship,

they simply would be unable to pay for and have access to further education.



Sumithra has always known she wanted to become a teacher, to inspire the younger generations and provide them with quality education.


Sumithra had attended Laia Foundation's after-school centres since a very early age.

"I was fascinated by this other way of teaching the after-school teachers seemed to have.

I had so much fun and didn't realise I was learning. I wanted other children to have the same experience as me."

Sumithra joined the Sponsorship Programme in 2020. She's now qualified and has been hired as a part-time teacher at the same after-school centre she has so many fond memories of. 


But Sumithra's college life hasn't ended there and she's now starting MSc Biology.

She has become a fully independent woman. She can now support her family economically and choose the future she wants for herself.  

Why become a Sponsor?

Because education is the key to opening up a world of possibilities that are denied to most girls in rural areas of India.

Just because they are girls.


Supporting girls' education enables them to break through the cycle of poverty, equipping them with essential skills to transform their lives.

Their acquired knowledge, confidence and personal development become an example to others and foster gender equality.


Together, we can create opportunities for every girl to have a better and brighter future.



My name is Kavitha.

I am 21 years of age and live with my family in Puthupattu village, Tamil Nadu.

I live with my dad, Sokkalingam, and my two sisters. My mum has passed away. We have very little money as my dad is a farmer. My two sisters also want to study but there is not enough money for the three of us to go to college.

Thanks to Indian Futures’ sponsorship, in 2022 I completed Bachelor of Arts. I am now training to become a teacher.

My dream is to be a secondary school teacher one day.

How can I become a Sponsor?

There are different ways of becoming a Sponsor that adapt to everyone's pockets.

Look for the option that applies to you you, and click on the link:


1) I am an individual or a group

2) I represent a company

3) I represent a school

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