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Indian Futures opens an online Art shop to support our projects in India.


Below are the amazing pieces of artwork we have. We invite you to have a browse and if you want to buy anything or ask any questions, don't be shy and let us know at indianfuturesfundraising@gmail.com or make your order through Paypal as below.



Firm Gently prints

The above are high quality prints of the artwork by FirmGently.
Each costs £25 + delivery.
If you'd like to find out more about the artist, click here or here.

Remi Weremczuk

Remi's pics were taken in rural and urban North India in 2017.

They are 8" x 8" and come with a white 10" x 10" mount.

They're £20 + delivery each.

Michelle Fine

'My art has always been a connection to where I am in the world, whether it is in the form of performance (singing, acting, poetry) or painting and sculpture. It is part of my-well-being and an outlet for expression.

Something that is spontaneous and natural. It is a physical representation that connects me to feelings and communication with others and understanding of my thoughts. I was born in Zimbabwe, went to university in South Africa, came to London as an actress, and have spent many winters in India"

Click the image for the details + postage fee.

Lockdown 2

£230 (36x42cms)

Looking towards the
Himalayas, when can we get out of lockdown
Little Boy
£180 (90x30cms)

After having returned
from India... feeling
isolated on my own
Masked Out
£250 (61x92cms)

how long will we have to
wear this mask
Social Distancing
£280 (90x30cms)

Rules we have to deal
with...social distancing
New Strain
£175 (52x55cms)

Covid new variants
- Gold leaf and acrylic
Mrs M
£160 (31x41cms)

Isolated, alone
Locked In
£250 (44x53cms)

Trapped in thoughts
in lockdown
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Lockdown 3

Locked Out
£350 (44x53cm)

Trapped in thoughts in lockdown
Monkey Mind
New World Order
£450 (76x100cms)

the constant anticipation waiting for the world to open up
No name -blue face
£220 (36x46cm)

the man on the street…who is in control
Skate boarders
£600 for the two
(Diptych canvasses, each76x102cms)

back to youth activities, free choice
Wakeup Call
£480 (76x102cm)

feelings of coming out of a long hibernation…
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Sharon Sephton

'I'm mainly a portrait painter. I love to capture depth of soul.

My work comes from the heart with a primal, native energy twist. I'm passionate about getting back to our earthy roots, honouring our emotional intelligence and our ancient, female ancestry.
I am currently inspired and excited to bring life to the richness of women in the world, past and present, as they have often been overlooked: Giving them re-birth into their rightful place where we can admire the powerful and primal layers of the divine feminine in a timeless way.'

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