Welcome to Indian Futures' Online Artshop

Indian Futures opens an online Art shop to support our projects in India.


Below are the amazing pieces of artwork we have. We invite you to have a browse and if you want to buy anything or ask any questions, don't be shy and let us know at indianfuturesfundraising@gmail.com or make your order through Paypal as below.



Firm Gently prints

The above are high quality prints of the artwork by FirmGently.
Each costs £25 + delivery.
If you'd like to find out more about the artist, click here or here.

Remi Weremczuk

Remi's pics were taken in rural and urban North India in 2017.

They are 8" x 8" and come with a white 10" x 10" mount.

They're £20 + delivery each.

Michelle Fine

'My art has always been a connection to where I am in the world, whether it is in the form of performance (singing, acting, poetry) or painting and sculpture. It is part of my-well-being and an outlet for expression.

Something that is spontaneous and natural. It is a physical representation that connects me to feelings and communication with others and understanding of my thoughts. I was born in Zimbabwe, went to university in South Africa, came to London as an actress, and have spent many winters in India"

Click the image for the details + postage fee.

Lockdown 1


£230 (36x42cms) Looking towards the Himalayas, when can we get out of lockdown

Little Boy
Little Boy

£180 (90x30cms) After having returned from India... feeling isolated on my own

Masked Out
Masked Out

£250 (61x92cms) how long will we have to wear this mask

Social Distancing
Social Distancing

£280 (90x30cms) Rules we have to deal with...social distancing

New Strain
New Strain

£175 (52x55cms) Covid new variants - Gold leaf and acrylic

Mrs M
Mrs M

£160 (31x41cms) Isolated, alone

Locked In
Locked In

£250 (44x53cms) Trapped in thoughts in lockdown

Lockdown 2

Locked Out
Locked Out

£350 (44x53cm) Trapped in thoughts in lockdown

Monkey Mind
Monkey Mind


New World Order
New World Order

£450 (76x100cms) the constant anticipation waiting for the world to open up

No name -blue face
No name -blue face

£220 (36x46cm) the man on the street…who is in control

Skate boarders
Skate boarders

£600 for the two (Diptych canvasses, each76x102cms) back to youth activities, free choice

Wakeup Call
Wakeup Call

£480 (76x102cm) feelings of coming out of a long hibernation…

Eora Tierra

Eora Tierra is a community of conscious creators whose objective is as simple (and complex) as loving and being the best version of ourselves we can be, each and every single day of our lives.
The project is in a constant state of regeneration and offers a space to explore our hidden treasures, abilities, relationships with ourselves, our community, nature…
To find out more, please visit https://www.instagram.com/eoratierra 


'I am Monir Amiri, originally from Iran.

I started ceramics work when I was 21 years old at the Cultural Heritage Organisation of my hometown Mashhad.

My inspiration for this art comes from my childhood when I became aware of the joy, beauty and pleasure of colours found in tile designs of historical houses.

I always get excited to see a combination of beautiful tile works on ceiling, walls and floors.

I believe art has enough power to transform pain & suffering into beauty, pleasure and joy. We all have this tool inside us. We need to feel it, reveal it and use it as a tool to express our emotions.'


Social media: https://www.facebook.com/monirpottery

Earthgirl Art

'I'm mainly a portrait painter. I love to capture depth of soul.

My work comes from the heart with a primal, native energy twist. I'm passionate about getting back to our earthy roots, honouring our emotional intelligence and our ancient, female ancestry.
I am currently inspired and excited to bring life to the richness of women in the world, past and present, as they have often been overlooked: Giving them re-birth into their rightful place where we can admire the powerful and primal layers of the divine feminine in a timeless way.'

To see more of Earthgirl Art's artwork or to contact her directly, please click here


Venusiana is an invitation to a magical world, where one is born and reborn,wherenature, human beings and animals blend into each other to form a single element. Who is who, which is which... That,we don’t know or care about. It’s about diving in and letting oneself go by its magic. Nothing else.

Take a deep breath and enjoy...

Venusiana is looking for a collaboration with someone who would like,

want to user her art to illustrate a book.

If you are that person, that publishing company that organisation, and wish to know more about Venusiana's proposal,  please check out her Fcebook/instagram  @venusiana_76

Stee Louw

Stee Louw is Zimbabwean-born digital artist specialising in portraiture, and contemporary art photography. With a strong interest in people and different cultures, his work touches on themes of identity and takes inspiration from movements such as Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, and Dada, in particular, the collage artists circa 1920.

These portraits are digital collages made from my street portraits, studio portraits, and found imagery. The street portraits were taken over the last 10 years, some taken in Brighton, England, and some in Soweto, South Africa.

Each portrait for me tells a story of different lives brought together into one

Happy to discuss bespoke framing and mounting options.

Please contact Stee Louw at: Instagram @stee_louw or email

Laura and Marina Tomás

Laura and Marina Tomás are two friends and artists from Barcelona.

Apart from sharing the same surname,they’re also both dedicated explorers of the depths of human emotions, each in their favorite expressive form:

Laura through her poems and Marina through her voice and experimental music.

You can follow Laura on IG @lauratomascc and Marina @marina.tomas.amado

Meaja Kim

Meaja Kim is an art therapist in South Korea. Just few years ago, she decided to give her a change to learn more about art and fall in love with water colors painting.

‘Now I look back in life, where am I and what am I doing. There are visible and invisible things, things you like, things you dislike. I challenged myself to try the most difficult thing I thought there was. In everyday joy and anger, sorrow and pleasure, I test myself and take baby steps. Painting is my friend, a conversation and time of meditation. Putting light and color on the canvas is another way of finding and expressing my existence.’

Sophie Balasuriya

Sophie’s art-piece was created with a feminist perspective in mind, successfully attemptingto go against historical artwork of how women have been drawn through the male gaze.

Sophie's IG @seuiso