#OurInspiringWomen is a project created by women for women.

We want to pay tribute to all the women who have contributed to and inspired Indian Futures since and before its creation.

All these women are passionate about what they do and want to inspire more women by sharing their stories.

If you'd like us to create more opportunities for women in rural India, 

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Anna, the founder of Indian Futures, is being interviewed by Jeannette Meier, co-creator of the Positive Impact Movement. Anna talks about her passion for India an how she got to create Indian Futures. 



Shanthi has been working for the Laia Foundation (one of our Indian partners) since it was set up back in 2005. Today she continues to give her community the most precious present: quality education. 



Priya's been working for the Laia Foundation, one of our partner charities, from the beginning. She started as an after-school teacher then became the supervisor of the area of Vedanthangal and for the last many years she's been running Vedanthangal's nursery school along with Shanthi. 

Indian Futures



She's one of the first people that the Indian Futures crew met back in 2002. 18 years later, this woman has accomplished so much and is such a source of inspiration for all of us. Today we're thrilled to have her as one of our paid members of staff in India. 



Kalpana is one of the teachers in our after-school centres. She is passionate and totally dedicated to bringing quality education to our community. She also has a day time job but we will let her tell you more about it...



Sush is one of our trustees. From a little village in the north of India, Sush inspires us all with her determination and drive. Her story will surely inspire and resonate with many other women.



Hanna is one of our amazing volunteers. She has an inspiring commitment to make this world a better place. She has, and continues to dedicate her time to the most vulnerable communities...