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Looking back... and moving forward...

Dear all

2017 was an exciting year for us, Indian Futurers. After years of juggling ideas, of day dreaming, we finally came up with a way of supporting the projects in the part of the world we're so in love with... Vedanthangal. And so Indian Futures was born. We had an amazing summer at Patchfest and Brunswick festivals and a brilliant quiz night at the Windmill in early autumn.

Patchfest 2017

Then winter came and we started our Christmas campaign. We came up with the 'Don't Buy, Donate' concept (see Tom's blog last month!) as we felt it represented very well the ethos of Indian Futures. And we shared it with you because we thought it was important, because Christmas is that time to share, and because sharing is being forgotten and consumerism is taking over... and we wanted to do something about it!

Quiz at the Windmill Pub

And what a response we had! The 'Don't Buy, Donate' concept was used to create two Christmas campaigns through the JustGiving platform - one for our UK supporters and another for the Spanish ones -, raising a total of £471.05!!!

Today, Indian Futures is excited to announce that we've raised enough money to cover the costs of our pilot project. The project runs from January to March 2018 and pays for 4 new tablet computers and the salary of 4 IT teachers for the chosen after-school centres in Vedanthangal and Vandavasi.

These computers are essential for the educational project to continue to run since a lot of the teaching methodology and teacher training in the area are based on computer apps provided by a Chennai-based charity called AID India.

We'll continue to update you on our new fundraising ideas for the year and how these impact on the development of the educational project in India. By May 2018 we need to have £3,118 so we have a lot of work ahead of us!

With today's blog I wanted not only to look back at the year we've had but also to thank all our supporters, all of you, lovely people!, for having been there all along.

A big big thank you from the Indian Futures team

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