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We would have 1001 nights like this one...

Writing about an event, or anything for that matter!, after a few weeks tends to be a bit of a memory challenge. I try to avoid it as much as I can, particularly as I’ve never trusted my memory, but there are times, like this one, when there is just no way around it.

Today, I discover with great delight, that despite the weeks gone by, I remember Indian Futures night at the Rose Hill with unusual clarity.

I remember the preparation, the excitement, almost fear, and that last minute thought of wanting to call it all off and hide. Luckily we didn’t succumb to such feelings and carried on…

I remember Tom driving Marina (‘the Voice’, the angel voice…) and me through the streets of Brighton towards the Rose Hill. I remember friendly Kasia welcoming us to her and Jules’ magical world, the dimmed lights of the Rose Hill, the rushing around, moving benches, turning benches into tables, tables into chairs. Then Abe, Abe testing the sound with Marina.

I remember hearing Marina’s voice for the first time in a while as she rehearsed in the empty room, and coming back to my senses. That calming peaceful feeling that had deserted me all along: I knew then that everything was going to be ok. And it was so much more than that.

Then Jodie arrived with her delicious soups and pakoras and raita, and set up camp at the back, the incredible aromas filling the air… And Tom and I set up our table with our things, the leaflets, the lucky dip, the membership register. And as people walked in, bindi on forehead and heart on hand. Might end up becoming an Indian Futures feature…

Then it was time for the show. I said a few words, nearly undecipherable, such were my nerves, dying to hand over the mic to Mike the mic. He’s definitely much more used to it than me (perhaps one day I’ll learn…). Then Mike and Nick’s lively manouche music. What a start; they got us all going, ready for the night to come, for the sounds to unfold, the tapping, the laughter.

Jennie was such a beautiful surprise. Her energy, her naughty yet professional stance, her bubbly personality, so captivating… I think we all fell in love with her.

And finally, Marina. I’m sure I’m a biased critic (I’ve known her since she was born) but she really was something else. Marina has one of those clear voices that seem to come from a different world, and her rhythms aren’t less impressive. Despite her youth, she’s been playing, singing, composing and performing for many years. Her styles are constantly evolving, full of little surprises. We’ve added her to ‘Our Supporters’ section so do have a listen when you get a minute. You won’t regret it.

But the night wasn’t only successful because of our amazing chef and artists. The staff at the Rose Hill and our supporters, all those faithful creatures that follow us from event to event, were also the stars of the night, and the reason why we raised nearly £300!

As always, on behalf of Indian Futures, thanks so much for accompanying us through our journey. We feel so privileged to have your support!

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