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Marina reminisces

Thursday 12th April; I was traveling from Barcelona to Brighton to perform for Indian Futures. The venue, the Rose Hill. It couldn't have been a better place. Such a personality; warm and varied lighting, low tables covered in brightly coloured cloths, and on the toilet doors, paintings that resembled the pop art style of the 50s. Homely atmosphere; friends, familiar faces, friendly faces. So easy to feel at ease.

Anna and Tom were at the door, welcoming people, selling cards, and other Indian Futures items, informing of the artists to come. Jodie was in charge of the food. And what a selection: beetroot soup, dhal, raita, pakora… Kasia, the Rose Hill matron, helping everyone, making everything possible.

The bar was starting to fill. The locals drank and chatted. I began to feel the nerves. It was all about to take off. Anna grabbed the mic and, with just a few words, just the necessary words, thanked the crowd and introduced the artists.

First there was Mike, Mike the Mic, playing and singing manouche with guitarist Nick. The two of them were such a bubbly couple, with their comments between songs and getting such good feedback from the audience.

Then it was Jenny’s turn, a youngster with a clear versatile voice. One couldn't stop listening to her. She won the audience over the second she jumped on the stage. Such spontaneity, such stage presence, such unique covers.

And finally there was me and my tunes. I thought at first it'd be hard to fit in as a foreigner as no one knew me and I sang in Spanish. But I was so nicely surprised to see everyone get closer to me as I was starting to play, showing so much interest.

And of course none of this would have been possible without Abe, an excellent sound technician. Delicate and alert behind his mixing board until the end.

Once more, the English crowd fascinated me with their respect towards art. It’s an indescribable experience to be a part of such an event.

I'd like to thank the Indian Futures crew, the Rose Hill staff, artists and audience. It was a magnificent evening.

Marina the Voice

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