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And the future is... FUTURAULA!!!

Hello dear blog readers! It's been a long time since we last posted anything on our blog… This doesn’t mean we’ve done nothing. On the contrary, the IF Team have been so busy we haven’t had time to blog anything! But we’re here now, happy and excited to tell you about a brand-new project that’s just started in Barcelona.

Our project is called Futuraula which is the (witty!) result of a combination of Euroaula and Indian Futures. And what’s Euroaula, you’ll wonder…? Well, Euroaula is the name of one of the universities of tourism in Barcelona. This year the university has decided to join forces with Indian Futures to help us raise funds for our projects in India, in particular to help cover the expenses of the third stage of the IT Community Centre project for which we need a total of £4,664.

(Above: Roger, Toni and Anna at their first meeting)

So how we’re going to do this…? Well, there’s this very special human being called Roger who, apart from being an incredible friend, is a very talented English teacher at the university. Roger and I spent several months in Vedanthangal helping set up and run their after-school centre project in 2008. Now, 10 years later, the success of the project is such that we wanted to get Roger’s students involved in a way that’s beneficial to both themselves and the after-school students in Vedanthangal.

(Above: Roger doing presentations like a nutter!)

And that’s how Futuraula came about. After a meeting with one of the directors, Roger did about a hundred presentations to both the teachers and students and called out for students who would be interested in taking part in the project. There was a selection process and, as of today, a total of 12 students have formed a Futuraula Committee that’s going to meet fortnightly to discuss different ways of raising funds. They’ll be using fundraising tools like crowdfunding, organising events, posting news about Futuraula on social media, etc., etc., etc. In a few words, the project is as big as the students want to make it. They can use well known fundraising ideas but also come up with their own. The world really is their oyster…

Thanks for reading us today. We’ll keep updating you on the evolution of Futuraula so watch this space…


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