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Futuraula is on fire!

Two weeks ago we informed you of the beginning of an exciting brand new project called Futuraula. The project is being run by a very proactive group of students from Euroaula, Barcelona University of Tourism, whom we're proud and eager to introduce to you straight away...

Here they are, and they're here to stay! This awesome group of people have taken upon themselves the challenging and labourious task of organising fundraising events for Indian Futures through the whole academic year.

So what's the Futuraula Committee up to these days? Perhaps a more accurate question here would be, what aren't they up to?!

Inspired by the Christmas spirit, the committee has decided to plan and carry out three events through the festive season.

On 3rd and 19th December the students will be serving breakfast at the doors of the university -is there a yummier way to start the day? If you happen to be near Euroaula on any of those days, do pop in for a bit of morning fuel! ☕🥐🥨

The Chrismas tree goes up on 3rd December and will be located in the hall. The plan is for the students to make and sell the laces that will decorate the entire tree 🎄🎅

Last but not least, the committee is also gathering a box full of Christmas goodies. Tickets for the gift box are available for sale until 19th December when the raffle will be held. So if you wish to get your hands on some Christmas surprises, hurry up and contact the Futuraula Committee at

...and let the Christmas spirit begin to roll on...

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