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Are you up for a game of domino?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In the last few weeks, we've been preparing our trip to India in lots of different ways. One of them was by asking two teachers in Barcelona, Merche and Judit, to help us organise activities for the after-school support centres in Vedanthangal. There were three conditions: the activities had to involve creativity, playfulness and last a maximum of two hours.

Merche and Judit came up with lots of ideas and sent us a lovely video explaining them to us. On our first day at SCI Tuition Centre (Vedanthangal) we trialled one of them: the domino game. Each student had to collect 10 stones. They then painted each stone in two different colours with tempera paint. And voila, the game was ready to start...

Here are two videos of the evening (the noise you'll hear in the second one is the fan, not a glitch!).

Hope you enjoy them...

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