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Art Apart Launching!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

From 19th March, Indian Futures will be publishing and selling artwork through our social media. We want to get to the roots of what inspires artists such as stories, anecdotes, and anything else you want to share with us and the public. This exciting project will culminate in a final exhibition, hopefully at some point in the summer! We want Art Apart to be the connection between our projects in Brighton and the wider community in South India. For more information and to participate, send us a DM, email us at or through our website

In 2018, Indian Futures organised their first art exhibition, called Art for Change, an event to raise funds towards education and women’s empowerment in rural South India. Through Art for Change we’ve discovered that art works as a tool to connect with the community and support each other. This year, Art for Change is expanding and adapting to the times, and so as part of its natural evolution, it’s become Art Apart, a burst of creativity that follows the journey of several artists in lockdown, expressing themselves, in fullness and in all their different forms.


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