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Art Apart: Where does it come from?

‘Art Apart, a burst of creativity that follows the journey of several artists in lockdown, expressing themselves, in fullness and in all their different forms.’

I really can’t remember where the idea of Art Apart came from. Perhaps because it didn’t come from one single place but it was more like an accumulation of passing thoughts and daydreaming ideas…

When the Indian Futures team started giving shape to this idea of promoting the work of local artists during the pandemic, Michelle, one of our artists, came up with the name Art Apart which didn’t only rhyme but reflected so well the purpose of our project.

Between March and June, due to the impossibility of holding a ‘real’ exhibition, the work of Art Apart’s 14 artists was shown online through our social media outlets -you can still see it on IG @indianfures and FB @indianfuturestamilnadu.

Now that we’re not apart anymore and we can enjoy art together again,

Art Apart -a memory of those not so distant feelings

of isolation, creativity and the need to share-,

has come truly alive in its first in-person exhibition which will be held at

Jubilee Library, Brighton, from 16th to 21st August.

The exhibition focuses on the work of Art Apart’s local artists who have come together to show you their deepest experiences of work in isolation; and they present it to you in the wide variety of forms they express themselves in, from oil on canvas to digital collage, ceramics, photography, linocut…

And the rest is for you to discover. We invite you to come and experience Art Apart with us. No need to be apart anymore 😉


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