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Updated: May 1, 2021

A fundraising project that started in 2018 with great ambition and is not coming slow for its second consecutive year. With new members, there is more energy and hunger to achieve much more…

Futuraula is a fundraising project that was born in summer 2018, thanks to the collaboration of two different institutions: Euroaula, a Tourism University School located in Barcelona, and Indian Futures a British NGO based in Brighton that supports educational projects in the South of India. On its first year, Futuraula successfully accomplished its goals and got IT equipment for after-school centers around a few villages in South India. At present, we still have in our minds to improve education and our main goal is to provide scholarships for female students in Vedanthangal. You might wonder why female students and not everyone; the reason is because it is way more difficult for female students to get an education and choose what they want their lives to be like. So for this year, we are going to make sure these students get what we all deserve but sadly they can only dream of: HIGHER EDUCATION.

Futuraula Team on Solidarity Breakfast

We’ve already done a whole lot of things around Euroaula this academic year 2019/2020! Making the most of the Christmas spirit, we prepared a Christmas Raffle alongside a Solidarity Breakfast and Tea. The raffle draw took place on 18th December at Euroaula and the winner got a weekend trip to Budapest, which was organized by Euroaula Travel, a travel agency run by students. Also, a lot of people had solidarity breakfast and tea with us at Euroaula to show positivity towards this brilliant cause.

Futuraula on Evening Tea Break
Christmas Raffle Winner
Futuraula Solidarity Tree

But we didn’t stop there as we decorated our wonderful Solidarity Christmas Tree. It was at Euroaula reception and it had several socks which represented each of the Indian female students that Futuraula is helping this year; people could write a positive message to the students in Vedanthangal and put it into the corresponding sock. And, of course, our beautiful and friendly students, admin staff and teachers wrote a lot of messages wishing them all the very best and filled them with positivity. Roger Garcia, the coordinator of the Futuraula project and Fundraiser of Indian Futures, went to India and handed the messages to the girls himself!

As I mentioned, we are still on fire so besides all the previous super activities, we continued! We also organized an Advent Week. It was a week of games, full of joy, solidarity and prizes for the winners, in which many students and teachers took part and had their best time!

That, alongside our Justgiving website, has been our Christmas campaign. You can still participate as many others by donating here, so we can accomplish our goal and help these Indian girls make their dream come true. If you’re thinking that we’re tired, then let me tell you HELL NO!! Stay tuned as we have something going on for Saint Valentine’s Day and Carnival.

To finish this article, I’d like to remind you that each contribution is a chance for a better education, for a better life and for a better world. So show your solidarity spirit and let’s make it happen together!

Noman Shabbir, member of Futuraula

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