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Yoga with Indian Futures

Begin the weekend with a yoga practice to gently awaken and stimulate the whole body.Expect a slow flow, to move with kind intent into positions that we may hold in order to find places to stabilise, strengthen and release.Suitable for all bodies and levels of experience, during the class we'll work with both physical postures and a connection to the breath to find our balance.The classes can be attended individually as a drop in or consecutively as a course. Why not give yourself the time once a month and see if you can move with more ease,energy and flexibility with each practice.Meet on Zoom at 10am for a 60 minute class.Suggested donation £10 but please pay what you can.All money raised will go directly to Indian Futures.Here are the dates and a bit about me if it would help for the Instagram/Facebook but again just drop it if there’s too much info.

Brighton based Laura has been practicing yoga for 15 years and in 2020 qualified as a yoga teacher.Her style is gentle and accessible, with modifications for all bodies helping you to feel into the physical positions and attain strength and balance to move beyond the yoga mat.A friend of Indian Futures she is delighted to be able to share a yoga practice with you all and together support the incredible work of IF


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